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A record of each request for a trip made through the licensee’s Internet-enabled application or digital platform by a potential passenger.

File Format

Trip Request data must be reported using the following schema and reported with the following [company]-triprequest-[date].csv.

Field Element Data Type Required Description
NEW R1 Trip ID String Yes if request resulted in a trip Unique ID for trip, if matched. In this case, the value must match the Trip ID in T23.
NEW R2 Method String Yes Booking method for passenger. 1 for Smartphone app, 2 for Website, 3 for Phone call, and 4 for Other.
NEW R3 Initiation Date and time ISO 8601 Yes Date and time when passenger requested to be picked up.
NEW R4 Requested Mode String Yes Indicate one of the following values: 1) shared, 2) private, 3) WAV.
NEW R5 Number of Passengers Numeric Yes The number of passengers that were indicated by the customer when the trip was requested. Leave blank if not indicated or unknown.
NEW R6 Outcome Numeric Yes Indicator for the outcome of the e-hail request. 1 for Completed Trip - The passenger was picked up, 2 for No Accepts - There request was not accepted, either because there were no TNP drivers available or no available driver accepted the request, 3 for Passenger Canceled - The passenger canceled the request either before or after it was accepted by a TNP driver, 4 for Passenger No Show - The trip was canceled because the passenger was not at the pickup location, 5 for Driver Canceled - A TNP driver accepted the request but then canceled the trip and no other TNP vehicle was dispatched.
NEW R7 Trip Price Quote Private Ride Numeric Yes The price of the trip that was offered for a private, non-shared ride through the TNP’s most used non-shared product. If no quote was given, leave blank.
NEW R8 Trip Price Quote Shared Ride Numeric Yes The price of the trip that was offered for a shared ride through the TNP’s most used shared product. If no quote was given, leave blank.