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For every transportation network vehicle and driver combination, location snapshots captured every 60 seconds for all times the driver is in a session, as defined in subsection (b)(4) of Chapter 9-115 of the Municpal Code of Chicago. Each snapshot shall indicate the vehicle’s precise location and corresponding date and time.

File Format

Location data must be reported using the following schema and reported with the following [company]-location-[date].csv.

Field Element Data Type Required Description
NEW L1 Driver’s license number String Yes The driver’s license number of the driver for this location. This number must correspond with driver’s license number listed in field D2.
NEW L2 Driver’s license state ISO 3166-2 abbreviations Yes The state issuing the driver’s license that is listed in L1. The license number and license state combination should correspond to the fields D2 and D3.
NEW L3 Vehicle license plate number String Yes The license plate on the car registered for service with your company.
NEW L4 Location Date and Time ISO 8601 Yes Date and time of the vehicle location reading.
NEW L5 Latitude String Yes Latitude of the vehicle location. Precision at 4 decimal places.
NEW L6 Longitude String Yes Longitude of the vehicle location. Precision at 4 decimal places.