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A record of each of the licensee’s drivers who is authorized to pick up passengers using the licensee’s Internet-enabled application or digital platform. Any eligible driver on the TNP platform must be reported in this file. This includes drivers who could have provided rides in the relevant time period but did not actually do so.

File Format

Driver data must be reported using the following schema and reported with the following [company]-driver-[date].csv.

Field Element Data Type Required Description
D1 Driver Name String Yes Full name of TNP driver
D2 Driver’s license number String Yes Driver’s license number
D3 Driver’s license state ISO 3166-2 abbreviations Yes State issuing the driver’s license
D4 Driver’s start date ISO-8601 date Yes Date when TNP driver became eligible to drive for your company
D5 Driver’s end date ISO-8601 date Yes The final date the TNP driver was eligible to drive for your company (end of reporting period if still eligible)
NEW D6 Employee or Independent Contractor String Yes The relationship between the TNP driver and the TNP: Enter W2 for Employee, 1099 for Independent Contractor
NEW D7 Inactive Reason String Yes Did the TNP driver initiate their inactive status? (Y/N) For drivers still active at the end of the month, leave blank.