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As part of its licensing process for Transportation Network Providers (sometimes called Rideshare Providers), Chicago requires the companies to report on their activities monthly. These requirements are set forth in Chapter 9-115 of the Municipal Code of Chicago and Rule TNP2.02 issued by the Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection.

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Submission Deadlines

Below are the deadlines required to have all required files submitted to the City of Chicago.

Due Date Beginning Date End Date
January 16 October 1 December 31
April 16 January 1 March 31
July 16 April 1 June 30
October 16 July 1 September 30

Submission Format

Submit four separate CSV files with the following naming convention, where [company] denotes the submitting company, [topic] represents one of the four areas being requested: driver, vehicle, trip, and session, and date corresponds to the period covered by the file (not the period when the file is submitted). For instance, ACME service submitting the driver file of drivers eligible in March 2016 would submit “acme-driver-201603.csv”.


Four files should be submitted for drivers, vehicles, trips, and sessions.