Annual Financial Analysis
Dislaimer and Advice to Readers

Dislaimer and Advice to Readers

The City of Chicago (“City”) is pleased to present this Annual Financial Analysis (“AFA”). The purpose of this site is to provide general information about the history and future of major components of the City’s overall finances and City budget. There is no assurance that the information contained on this site does not contain typographical or other errors which may have occurred.

Please keep in mind that information presented on this site only speaks as of the date it was posted or, if such information is dated, as of its date. The City may or may not update any information on this site.

This site includes forward-looking statements based on current beliefs and expectations about future events. Those events are uncertain; their outcome may differ from current expectations which may in turn significantly affect expected results.

Where information is presented that has come from sources other than the City, the City presents that information only for convenience. The City does not undertake to verify any of that information.

If you choose to print all or portions of the AFA, some or all information may be missing or incomplete.

The AFA has not been prepared to give information for making decisions on buying or selling securities and should not be relied upon by investors in making investment decisions. With respect to any bonds, notes, or other debt obligations of the City, please refer for information only to the City’s ordinances and notifications of sale and the related disclosure documents, if any, or continuing disclosure filings, if any, for such bonds, notes, or other debt obligations.

The information in this site is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Neither the City nor any of its agencies nor any of its officers or employees shall be held liable for any use of the information described and/or contained in this site.